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16th September 2021 

Bringing about calmness to psychological stress.

The usual thought process is that psychological stress is caused largely by external factors, whether it be with the relationships in our life or the demands at the work place.

This view is shortsighted however, only adding to our woes and adding a feeling of powerlessness.

Stress has become the blanket word to describe a multitude of mostly unconscious feelings, thoughts and emotions, working, primarily, against ourselves.

Foggy, confused thinking, compulsive/reactive behaviour and a host of physical symptoms, including tension, are some signs that stress has taken control over us.

Changing our situation is not going to change your ability to respond to the circumstances you find yourself in, now or in the future.

To get our life situations working for us and become self-empowered, conscious participants, we first have to turn our attention inwards. We need to acquire a new set of inner tools to unlock that equanimity that naturally resides in all of us.

This can be done with a professional guide who will neither sugar coat us or paint over the unique piece of life that we are. Instead use every part of ourselves, consciously, to be our greatest ally.

If we want to learn to move more effortlessly through life, with more joy and energy, all we need is a willingness, nothing more.