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16th September 2021 
About Me. Me2

I began my career in therapy in 1986 and qualified in 1987 with a diploma in Therapeutic Massage. Prior to taking this course I had succumbed to an illness which took two years to recover from. This changed the course of my career as well as having many questions about physical health and psychological wellbeing, I had time on my side at this point. What is it to be a human being first, was an ongoing question that stripped away many belief systems I held.

In 1989 I embarked on a 5 year course in Therapeutic Counselling and Psychotherapy, gaining my diploma in 1994 at the College of Holistic Medicine. After working in private practice for ten years I moved to Germany and then France and continued to work in private practice. I returned to London and continued my studies in personal development with a gifted teacher and travelled regularly throughout Europe. Many internal changes have taken place during this time, giving me a strong foundation in which to consolidate my work as a therapist and continue to grow as a human being.