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28th October 2021 
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Counselling/Psychotherapy: from dis-ease to ease. A holistic approach to being human

This is most certainly a challenging time for everybody... uncertainty, fears, anxiety, depression, frustration and a whole host of thoughts and emotions can arise at anytime, especially when external situations become difficult to handle. These times can be turned into a weight or a possible stepping stone to enhance the way we experience life. Do you want to be enslaved by external factors or become empowered by your own nature? This is for you to decide and yes, there are solutions... Nothing is fixed, including our mindset.

If you are struggling with your thoughts/emotions and physical wellbeing and want to come to a more balanced place, it is possible to turn yourself around and bring more peace, joy and fun to your life. The only requirement to change our chemical composition that each thought and emotion produces, is a willingness and a little of your time and commitment. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sessions available with covid-19 precautions in place at the Helios Centre, Judd Street, Kings Cross

Practice at Pimlico SW1 residential address keeping safe distancing

Pimlico is close to Victoria, Chelsea and central London