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6th December 2016 

An invitation to explore real and sustainable change....

Welcome to my website

Coming to a good therapist is like detoxifying, cleansing the mind and body from thoughts and actions that can leave us feeling dull, heavy, anxious or depressed. Whatever state of mind or situation you find yourself in, I can help you find a way through.

Problems can often spiral to strong negative states of mind that keep us preoccupied and drain us of energy. What if our problems hold the key for real, lasting change to take place? By moving our problems into a soft focused attention, we can then find solutions to the situation we find ourselves in.
My gentle approach helps you redefine how you see problems and situations and dissolve them, opening up a whole new perspective.

Refocusing our mind with the help of some simple common sense approaches, doors open, transforming problems that were once thought of as fixed or immovable.

What are these simple approaches? In part, it is your attention and observation of yourself as you are, steadily and gently, while re-examining our conditioning, assumptions, ideas and prejudices. I may use music and or therapeutic touch to help relax your mind, this will support and enhance your focus and attention.

As we begin to unwind ourselves, more space can enter the mind and a stronger sense of wellbeing can be felt. With a wider vision and a renewed perspective, we can then move with more understanding in any situation that comes our way.

It is in my ability as a Counsellor to meet the person exactly where you are, not where you 'should be', that generates the nurturing and personal atmosphere for the therapeutic relationship, alongside humour and a gentle hand to support you along the way.

Therapeutic Counselling Pimlico,Victoria, Moorgate, WC1, City of London

My Central London Counselling and Therapy practice is at the The Light Centre in Moorgate WC1 or at my home in St. Georges Square, Pimlico SW1 within easy reach of Victoria. My Moorgate practice is just 1 minute from Moorgate tube station.